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My KR808D-1's, though they claim 4.2 volts, just don't hit as hard with throat hit and warm vapor. Also the high setting is the mostOne thing that I like about the Blu Plus is the fact that I think it has potential as a great back up ecigarette. Also, the Menthol and Peach from EverSmoke tastes amazing (I use to smoke75 to a pack a day of cigs, I quite back in November 11th 2011 so you can gauge the usage).Adorned by the Blu” logo which lights up as soon as you flip open the cigarette style packet, the portable charging case is small and manageable - easily slipping into a purse or pant pocket. No need to screw anything in, the battery starts charging as soon as you close the lid and the LED lights on the side let you know when the pack is running low.One thing to keep in mind also with KR808D-2's while not popular because of their limitations (ie not a lot of vendors have them and they are pricey), do give good voltage. I still use my GreenSmoke long battery because, for me, it lasts from when I wake up until I get home. Inside, you'll find a charging slot, a slot to store a second battery and spaces for three flavor cartridges. For example if you turn on pax and wait 10 seconds AFTER the light turns green, you'll get a much thicker and dense vapor quality!

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I have just used my last cartridge and looks like my order will not be here as promised.I went to their facebook page and simply wrote that it would be nice to know that they are experiencing delays and they are out of stock on certain items (I was not rude at all) and they deleted my post and blocked me from their page (along with anyone else who mentions that they haven't received their order). Additionally, my credit card was charged for the order within minutes of pressing the send button. It is a real shame that they are losing business because they can't just be upfront and say they are out of stock.5 hours later, still no tracking number so I contact them via chat and am told they are not sure when it will ship, maybe in a day or two and have the audacity to offer me $5 off my next order, now mind you that right now my order is over $300 and about 1/2 of that is in items I didn't order initially but substituted to avoid the shipping delay. Ok so, they substitute for the silver and tell me I will receive a tracking number in a few hours, they were going out today. I check back today and they proceed to tell me that now my order is held up again because they are out of the standard batteries in both white and black?!So since I definitely don't want to have to smoke a regular cigarette, I ended up substituting about $80 worth of cartridges for the menthol just so the order would ship. I asked them if they could just cancel that portion of the order and ship the standard kit I had ordered and the menthol cartridges and I could substitute the Sahara for the Red, I was told that if I canceled any portion of the order it would cancel the entire order, I would have to reorder and would SAVE 30% at V2.COM - Limited Sale On NOW experience a longer delay. Yesterday, my order was still showing awaiting fulfillment, so I gave them a call and they proceeded to tell me that they were out of the Red, the Congress, the Peppermint and the Chocolate and that was holding up the order.I placed the order for the refill cartridges and two extra batteries and a standard kit for my brother, again paying for overnight shipping. We have not picked up a regular cigarette, but looks like it's going to be inevitable. I love your site, like you said so many sites contain outdated information.If so, email me. andy @ I get pretty good results for my blog readers. I personally am close to just switching to something else. I'm very disappointed because I really do love the product but their customer service and constant supply seems lacking.I have yet to be able to order 12mg menthol or peppermint and every time have to switch to 6mg in order to get my order filled. Luckily the manual one works well enough that I can still use the product, but have to put up with it occasionally not working and producing vapor.

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