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If you do have a long simply go XL however you'll need the portable charging case. For example, cigarette makers have not been able to legally advertise their products on U.S. radio or TV stations since 1972, nor on billboards since 1998.

Note: It is important to wait for the injector to return to it's resting position and the motor to stop before raising the lever again to make another.

To prime your V2 automatic battery, just take a long deep puff. Essentials Kit is their basic kit and includes 1 rechargeable electronic cigarette battery, 2 cartomizers (your choice of Absolute Tobacco or Menthol Ice) and 1 USB charger. Eversmoke also offers a personal charging case that is always a nice option to have, if your out and about a lot and need to keep your esmokes charged and ready.

The Dreamer is an absolutely amazing flavor and my new ADV.

The past 6 months they have really gone downhill, their 1.8% cartridges have this burnt, chemical taste. On the past two orders I have paid for the product which is 2.4 menthol filters and paid for 3 day shipping only to check on the status of my order to find that the product will not ship for at least 15 days. After spending $6.00 to ship the items back only to find out I will not receive the money for the Loose Leaf Cartridge which cost about $30.It's quite insulting to use a product for 3-1/2 plus years daily and notice an immediate problem/change and have someone who's never used the product before tell you the company hasn't made any changes to the product. It's helped me cut down on smoking from one pack a day to around 3-4 sticks. Overall, all flavors are very good and they give you a very smooth draw and just the right amount of throat hit.I ended up buying a second kit because I wanted a couple more batteries and was cheaper that way. Went to local smoke shop and they said it would be good to start with a SAVE 30% at V2.COM - Limited Sale On NOW disposable to see if I thought this was for me before I bought a kit. Their ultimate kit (which is the one I ordered) comes with bunch of accessories (carrying case, lanyards, chragers, etc) which can be useful down the road.As of today, 3/18, only a shipping label has been created. I ordered again on 3/16 and paid the extra shipping charge to get it here in 3 days. I ordered on 3/15 and as of now, only a shipping label has been created.Now as of 03/18/15, the shipping charges have gone up astronomically and the customer service is no existent. I LOVED it. The customer service was excellent, prices great and shipping cheap. These cartridges break, leak, and the mouthpieces and collars can easily come off.As the cartridges ran out (14-21 days), you have to purchase a whole replacement cartridge for $13 (instead of just replacing coils at $3-$4 each). The company also provides several choices so you can adjust and add accessories depending on your smoking habits. A lot of e-cigs do not produce enough vapor for users to have a satisfying experience that is similar to smoking regular cigarettes.If the taste and vapor production lessen, all you have to do is replace the cartridge. A single flavor cartridge is the same as one full pack of cigarettes in terms of total drags.

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